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Identifying and Managing Emergency Plumbing Situations: A Guide for Homeowners

While homeowners typically have a good understanding of their home’s basic plumbing needs, navigating emergency plumbing situations can be a daunting task. Plumbing emergencies, like burst pipes, sewer backups, and major leaks, can cause significant damage to your home if not addressed promptly and professionally. As a leading plumbing and heating company in Abbotsford, BC, servicing the Fraser Valley and Lower Mainland, On Tap Solutions is passionately committed to providing homeowners with the necessary knowledge, guidance, and expert services to manage and resolve emergency plumbing issues.

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore common plumbing emergencies that homeowners are likely to encounter, along with essential actions they should take immediately upon discovering the problem. The guide will present practical advice for minimizing water damage and preventing further complications, with a focus on utilizing the professional assistance of On Tap Solutions to promptly and efficiently address the issue.

1. Burst Pipes: Causes, Prevention, and Immediate Action

One of the most severe plumbing emergencies a homeowner can face is a burst pipe, which can quickly cause significant water damage if not resolved immediately.

– Causes: Common causes of burst pipes include freezing temperatures, corrosion, or undue pressure from clogged pipes.

– Prevention: Insulate pipes in colder areas, routinely inspect for damage, and keep up with regular maintenance to prevent burst pipes.

– Immediate Action: In case of a burst pipe, shut off the main water supply immediately and call On Tap Solutions for prompt assistance.

2. Sewer Backups: Identifying the Signs and Addressing the Problem

A sewer backup can cause substantial harm to your home and create hazardous conditions for you and your family.

– Signs: Indications of a sewer backup include multiple drain clogs, foul odours, and wastewater backing up into your home’s sinks, tubs, or toilets.

– Prevention: Regularly maintain your sewer lines by scheduling professional inspections and cleaning, and avoid flushing inappropriate items down your drains.

– Addressing the Problem: At the first sign of a sewer backup, contact On Tap Solutions to diagnose and remedy the issue promptly.

3. Major Leaks: Tips for Detection and Damage Control

Major leaks can cause structural damage to your home, resulting in costly repairs and potential mould growth.

– Detection: Signs of a major leak may include unexplained increases in your water bill, damp spots on walls or floors, or a musty smell.

– Damage Control: When faced with a major leak, locate the source of the leak and shut off the water supply to the affected area. Move items away from the leak to minimize damage and call On Tap Solutions for expert leak repair.

– Prevention: Regular inspections and maintenance of your home’s plumbing system can help prevent leaks and ensure the system remains in good working condition.

4. Gas Leaks: Safeguarding Your Home and Family

Gas leaks pose a significant risk to your home’s safety, and immediate action is crucial for minimizing potential hazards.

– Identifying Gas Leaks: A distinctive, unpleasant odour often accompanies gas leaks, as well as hissing sounds near gas appliances or gas lines.

– Safeguarding Your Home: If you suspect a gas leak, immediately turn off the gas supply, open windows and doors for ventilation, and avoid using any electrical devices or open flames inside the house.

– Professional Support: Contact On Tap Solutions, your trusted professional plumbing and heating company, to inspect, identify, and safely address any gas leaks in your home.


As a homeowner in the Fraser Valley and Lower Mainland, preparedness is key to dealing with unexpected emergency plumbing situations like burst pipes, sewer backups, major leaks, or gas leaks. By understanding the causes, signs, and prevention measures discussed in our Identifying and Managing Emergency Plumbing Situations guide, as well as relying on the professional expertise and support of On Tap Solutions, you can confidently safeguard your home from potential damage and keep your family safe.

On Tap Solutions, a fully licensed and insured plumbing and heating company, is committed to providing unparalleled emergency plumbing services in Abbotsford and throughout the Fraser Valley and Lower Mainland. Trust our team to address and resolve any plumbing emergencies you might encounter, ensuring the safety, well-being, and peace of mind for you and your family. Experience the reliability and expert assistance of On Tap Solutions in managing emergency plumbing situations, knowing that your home is in trusted hands.

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